Because on your deathbed, you nEVER

want to look back and think “what if?”


Plan Your Overseas

Beta Test:

Test the Waters Before You

Take the Big Plunge 

Walk Away with a Step by Step Plan

to turn "Pie in the Sky" Dreams into Your 

"Pinch Me...Is this Real?" Reality, and Create a

Life You NEVER Need a Vacation From! 

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Are You Wanting to Move Overseas?

Wondering where to start?

Feel you're running out of time?

Think it's too late to realize dreams?

Want change, but feel too busy?

Unsure what you want, but feel a void?

Worried about high living costs?

Then This Workshop Is For YOU!

Creating Your Beta Test Plan Looks Like This:

  • How to Start the Process of Moving Overseas
  • Researching & Picking a Location
  • Identify Your Must Haves & Non-negotiables
  • Finding work with Purpose & Prosperity

We Believe in Fairy Tale Endings...

See How Paul and Diane's (individual) Overseas Beta Test Turned Out!

Hint: It's not necessary to be a couple

to complete a successful beta test

Dawn fleming

Strategic Lifestyle Designer

About your host:

Dawn Fleming has literally been there and done that, and is now living her very best life. With her husband Tom, she owns and operates Overseas Life Redesign, a global coaching and consulting company that encourages others to discover their dreams and turn them into reality just like she did. Her podcast shares success stories of international retirement as well as advice for listeners seeking to leave their comfort zone and experience life abroad.

Dawn and Tom began their own traveling lifestyle in 2010 when they sailed through the Panama Canal from California to Florida and later relocated to Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Originally from Minnesota, Dawn began her career in real estate with success in many facets of the industry. She graduated from Western State University College of Law and specialized in international business transactions as a licensed California attorney. She finally found her calling for two decades as a mentor to thousands of entrepreneurs, coaching them through the growth of their home-based businesses before establishing Overseas Life Redesign.

Disclaimer - This WORKSHOP is TOTALly free and will give you actionable steps to create your dream life in paradise. Results are not guaranteed

or typical. In fact, a lot of changes are necessary and hard work is involved. At the end, a program will be offered for purchase.


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